Schematic Design: The SD phase begins with generating the big ideas, visions and program for the project. After the initial site visit, if existing condition documentation is not available, RBA will survey the existing conditions and create CAD floor plans, exterior elevations and building sections to use for developing the designs. A building code and zoning ordinance analysis will be performed to establish site limitations. The Project Architect will meet with the Client to define a program list and preliminary design sketches will be produced.

Design Development: Having a preferred scheme selected by the Client, RBA will proceed with developing the design. We will utilize the expertise of our consultants to create site designs, structural plans, and electrical + mechanical approaches. The design elements will be refined and finishes will be identified. Perspective sketches and models will be used to communicate the look and feel of the spaces and forms. The Architect and Client will meet to review and further develop the design.

Construction Document: RBA continues to work with the Client to incorporate ideas and we coordinate with all consultants to integrate building structure and systems. Details, materials and specifications to describe how the architectural design and building is constructed will be produced for pricing.

Construction Administration: As construction proceeds, the Project Architect will make weekly site visits to observe the construction progress and to see that the design proceeds in accordance with the design intent. We review shop drawings, produce supplemental drawings, continue coordination with MEP and Structural consultants, create a punch list and work with the contractor for the successful completion of the project.